SBSR 2015

Drivers of conflict, factors of change in the Black Sea Neighborhood, 2015 Edition
During May 24 – 30, 2015, the Romanian Intelligence Service, through “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy, organized the second edition of the training program with international participation “Security in the Black Sea Region. Shared challenges, sustainable future” (SBSR). This year’s edition was dedicated to the topic “Drivers of conflict, factors of change in the Black Sea Neighborhood”.
Approximately 80 people attended the program, keynote speakers and participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Georgia, Greece, the Netherlands, Moldova, Romania, United States, Turkey, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as European Union and NATO high-ranking officials and experts.


Program objectives:
  • Fostering communication and spreading innovative ideas and best practices throughout academia, policy makers and practitioners across the region;
  • Continuing to develop our understanding on interacting regional and global drivers that affect the region, the local actors’ synergic development;
  • Stimulating cooperation in areas of common interest for the nations in the Black Sea Region;
  • Stimulating the promotion of regional history, values, culture and agency;
  • Continuous horizon scanning to identify emerging challenges against the region, as well as opportunities to promote its vital interests;
  • Encouraging growth of ideas, goals and strategic thinking of policy makers in the Black Sea Region.
Learning outcomes:
  • Participants are exposed to a large variety of political, academic, and diplomatic points of view on relevant topics for the Black Sea regional security, and they are, accordingly, encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on the topics under discussion.Lectures and practical exercises are balanced so as to encourage program attendees debate, perform horizon scanning, develop in-depth analysis, and create a vision for the future.
Structure: A five-day intensive training program
Training theme: Drivers of conflict, factors of change in the Black Sea neighborhood
Target audience: Policymakers and foreign affairs officials in the Black Sea Region.
Training format:
  • Panels devoted to public policy, academic innovation, horizon scanning etc.·         Expert talks and presentations delivered by key note speakers.
  • Round table discussion sessions (reviews of current issues, policy analysis on topics that generate or benefit from extended discussions)
  • Problem solving sessions
  • Alternative scenario creation & tailored exercises
Training principles: Open discussion. Teamwork. Creative & forward thinking. Initiative. Mutual understanding. Respect.

Being addressed to regional stakeholders in the Black Sea Region and their partners, one of the main aims of the program is to create the right framework in which attendees can interact freely and creatively, in full respect of each other and their diverging interests, to promote mutual understanding and respect.